Recycling piling up?
We've got you covered.
Introducing Cleancat, the mobile app championing on-demand recycling pickup in Houston.

What does Cleancat do?

Takes your recycling in just a few clicks.

Our straighforward, streamlined user interface let's you request a recycling pickup in under a minute. We'll pick up your recycling within a couple days after your request. Download our app on Google Play or the App Store.

Takes glass when the city won't

Too many Topo Chicos end up in the trash. We can take them for you.

Improves Houston's sustainability

Recycling in most areas of Houston is picked up every other week. On off weeks, recycling tends to be thrown in with the garbage. Cleancat aims to fix this problem.

How does Cleancat work?

1. Create an account.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account.

2. Request a pickup.

Request either a glass-only or standard (paper, plastic, glass, cardboard, aluminum, tin) pickup. After you request a pickup you will receive a notification and email with the day your recycling will be picked up.

3. Leave your items.

Leave your recycling in front of your address the night before it is scheduled. Independent Texas Recyclers will be by to haul your items away. Thanks for making Houston more sustainable!

Available to download on the App Store or Google Play