Why do we need Cleancat?

The recycling industry is out-of-date.

Once every 2 weeks is not frequent enough and doesn't accomodate all schedules. We want to allow people to decide when they need to get rid of recycling so it happens more efficiently and more often.

Houston standard pickup doesn't take bottles.

We have all been there. After a party, our trash cans are 80% bottles. No more of that. Let's make Houston as efficient as any other major city.

Not enough people have access to a recycling.

Families in many rural areas are charged with taking care of there own recycling. This means far too many drives to the dump. Cleancat aims to ultimately bring recycling service to any location in America.

Boxes, bottles, and cans get thrown in with the garbage.

Recycling pickup in a lot of areas happens once every few weeks. For many of us, this means our bottles and cans get thrown away with the garbage. Let's change that.

What does Cleancat do?

Takes your recycling in just a few clicks.

You don't have to wait 2 weeks for recycling day. Our straighforward, streamlined user interface let's you request a recycling pickup in under a minute. You can download our app on Google Play or the App Store.

Takes your bottles... Even in Houston

Houston recycling stopped taking bottles, so our residents have been throwing away glass for a while. Cleancat will take your bottles directly to the local repository.

Produces cleaner cities

By implementing on-demand recycling, our app expediates the processing time of classic recycling. The result is a more efficient city with less waste.

Improves sustainability

Recycling in Houston gets picked up every 2 weeks, which means cans and boxes get thrown in with the garbage. With Cleancat, we take your recycling any day of the week and ensure it gets to the local recycling repository.