What is our story?

Too many Lone Stars and Topo Chicos were going in the trash.

My name is Aaron Rondina and I'm the founder of Cleancat. I started the business after realizing my roommates and I were throwing away too many bottles and missing too many recycling days. I figured I would make an app and see if anyone in Houston was interested. And then Harvey hit.
You may not believe this, but we started on the idea before Houston stopped recycling after Hurricane Harvey. We capitalized on the opportunity by focusing our business exclusively on recycling as opposed to our original plan to include garbage as a pickup option. Now, our goal is to make sure Houstonians never throw away recycling again.
And a lot of recycling is about to be thrown away. Houston's indefinite hiatus on recycling pickup has depreciated our city's sustainability. We are going to do our best to remedy that by offering your first pickup completely free!
We don't claim to be philanthropists. We are a business, but we are a business that operates with integrity and sometimes that is exactly what a city needs.